Budget Camping Tanzania Safari Itineraries

Discover the magic of Tanzania with our Tanzania Camping Safari itineraries  starting from just $150 USD per person per day. Travelers choose a Budget camping Tanzania Safari for a variety of reasons. Some people choose this option because they want to feel closer to nature safari. Some, because it is less expensive safari than staying in lodges and tented camps.

Whatever your motivation, a  Camping Adventure will be an unforgettable experience. Encounter diverse wildlife and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Tanzania landscape. Experience affordable safari adventures (budget-friendly safari tours) and Epic adventures with Ilmaasai Expedition Ltd.

Budget Camping Tanzania safari


Picture yourself gathered around the campfire in the heart of the Serengeti plains, surrounded by the vast African wilderness. With stars twinkling above, you savor a cold Tanzanian beer after indulging in a delicious hot African meal prepared by your personal safari chef. In the distance, the roar of lions echoes through the night, while hyenas cackle in the darkness. The air is filled with the symphony of insects and the sweet melodies of birds welcoming the dawn of another day in wild Africa.

This is the essence of Budget camping Tanzania safari an adventure filled with thrilling encounters and unforgettable moments. If you crave such immersive experiences, seize this opportunity to embark on your own African adventure.

Ilmaasai Expedition  clients who choose camping adventure are able to experience the great outdoors, whilst being taken care of by the Crew. You will sleep in private tents in designated campsites like Seronera campsite, Simba campsite and many more, in or near the National Parks. It is important to know that the Tanzania Campsites are not fenced like, Wild animals can and do wander through the Campsite, sometimes stopping to graze for a while. Your Crew will set up your tents for you every evening and pack them away the following morning.

You will have your own Private Chef, who will stay with you for the duration of your safari. Our Chefs are very skilled at producing a wide range of dishes, with limited access to shops/markets and cooking equipment. Sample food includes soups, fresh fish, stews, pasta, rice and ugali. Breakfast can include eggs, fresh fruit, pancakes, bacon and beans. Your Chef will provide a lunchbox for you to take on safari every day. This may include sandwiches, fruit, crackers and chicken.

Throughout your Tanzania camping safari you will receive high levels of service and care(Read our Reviews ). Ilmaasai Expedition will provide tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, chairs, tables and all the necessary cooking equipment. Our goal is to make your  camping experience as comfortable as possible, whilst still sleeping under the stars in some of the most spectacular settings on the planet.