An open letter from our Founder

Dear Traveller,
Let me tell you a little about Ilmaasai Expedition , a company which I started over 20 years ago in 2003 when I was nothing but a young man with big dreams, a serious work ethic and the determination of a Masaai warrior.

I Loth Kornelio was born and raised in Arusha, Tanzania, in the heart of Maasai country. From a young age, i was fascinated by the wildlife and natural beauty of my homeland. I also developed a deep appreciation for my Maasai heritage and culture.

When i was old enough, i left Arusha to study mechanics and wildlife in the city. After completing my studies, i returned to Arusha and began working in a garage. However, my true passion was for wildlife and tourism. In 1985, i started guiding quests on safaris in Tanzania.

I quickly gained a reputation as one of the best safari guides in Tanzania. I was known for my knowledge of the wildlife, my expert driving skills, and my warm and friendly personality. I also had a unique ability to connect with my guests and help them experience the true magic of Tanzania.

In 2003, i decided to start my own safari company, Ilmaasai Expedition. The name “Ilmaasai” is a Maasai word meaning “The maasai” and it reflects my commitment to running my company as a family business, a company which i started when i was nothing but a young man with big dreams, a serious work ethic and the determination of a Masaai warrior. I’m proud of the fact that Ilmaasai Expedition is a family-run business. My daughter, Catherine, works in the office, handling reservations and bookings. My son, Collin, is a safari guide. And My longtime friend, Bryson, i worked with in garage since 1985 and later on after I registered Ilmaasai Expedition then I worked with him as safari guide in the company.
As a family owned business, we take great pride in the friendly, loyal yet modern and professional experience that we offer our guests.

We love and respect nature and enjoy liberty. With this in mind, we offer you the chance-to explore and enjoy Tanzania’s staggering natural and ethnic diversity without restriction. To this day Tanzania remains one of the least-tapped countries in the world, as well as one of the least explored. This a vast country with enormous landscape and limitless vistas and horizons. Much of its natural beauty truly has to be seen to be believed: acacia woodlands; open savanna dotted with extraordinary mega fauna; ancient volcanoes and forests; and salt flats, to name but a few. Humans have been present here for thousands of years and Tanzania offers a journey through the history of human evolution with local tribes maintaining their ancient customs to this day

Ilmaasai Expedition caters for individual travelers, groups ete, and offers tailor-made safaris allowing you to follow your passions and interests and creating for you a unique and innovative adventure.

We look forward to sharing with you our fervor for safaris in this most astonishing of African countries.

Yours truly,
Loth Kornelio (Maasai)