Meserani Snake Park houses snakes and reptiles that can be found in Tanzania. An experienced guide, who can tell you all about these animals, will accompany you. During the tour you will learn how the snakes defend themselves, where they live in nature and what they eat. There is also a bird sanctuary in the park and you can see different kinds of crocodiles and turtles.

In the Massai Museum the Maasai tell you everything about their culture and even explain step by step how they build their houses. You will also learn more about their special holidays and rituals. The biggest difference to a visit of a Massai village is that in this museum you will go a little bit deeper into the way of life of the people of the Massai culture, the background of the tribe will be explained more detailedand there will be no demonstrations like there are in a Maasai village.

Would you like to ride a camel? This is also possible here! If you can negotiate well, you can ride a camel for a short distance for just a few dollars.

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