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Start dates
2 people
3 people
4 people up to 6
Jul 1, 2023 - Mar 31, 2024
$1,780 Per Person
$1,605 Per Person
$1,410 Per Person
Jul 1, 2023 - Mar 31, 2024
$1,780 Per Person
$1,780 Per Person
$1,780 Per Person
Jul 1, 2023 - Mar 31, 2024
$1,780 Per Person
$1,780 Per Person
$1,780 Per Person


Whatever your arrival time at Kilimanjaro International Airport, your Ilmaasai Expedition driver-guide will be waiting for you with a warm welcoming smile. Kick back and relax in your comfortable vehicle as he takes you to your hotel in Arusha.

After an early breakfast at your hotel, we depart around 08.00hrs, arriving at the Nalemuru Gate for around 13.00hrs, when we will enjoy our picnic lunch.

We complete the registration formalities and are introduced to the all-important trekking team who will accompany you up the mountain. Your porters will load up, and then we are ready to start the trek! Today’s starting altitude is at 1950 metres and during our trek we will ascend up to a new altitude of 2620 metres. The vegetation at first is pine forest, as well as some vegetable fields, but you briefly enter lusher forest where colobus monkeys can sometimes be seen. After the forest, the landscape changes to heathland with its characteristic huge heathers. Our goal is to reach Simba Camp 2620 meters by 17.00hrs; our walking distance today is only 8km/5miles and our projected walking time is around 3-4 hours. After relaxing on arrival at the camp, we will take our dinner at about 19.00hrs.

Wake up! With your first night on the mountain complete, you are served breakfast and then can expect to depart about 08.00hrs. We will walk further today, approximately 12km/8miles and we have an ascent of around 980 metres. Our expectation is that this will involve about 6 to 8 hours of actual walking. At the start, notice how the once-large heathers become smaller as you climb, and the trees become fewer and further between. Behind you, you can see over the border to Kenya if the weather is good. The path is a steady, steep and often dusty ascent. A picnic lunch is eaten at about 13.00hrs, before you continue in a south-easterly direction with the craggy peak of Mawenzi in front of you. The path crosses moorland and there is less ascent than you have experienced this morning, but this is certainly a long, tough day. At the end of the afternoon’s walk, you should reach camp at around 17.00hrs and dinner will be served at 18.00hrs.

An hour extra to enjoy in bed, as we schedule a slightly later departure. Why? Well, our distance today is short at only 5km/3miles, though we do have to ascend over 700 metres so you may come to appreciate that extra sleep! As you continue to climb today, you will notice how you leave the vegetation behind you: it definitely thins out rapidly at this altitude! But the views on Rongai are truly exceptional. We aim to arrive at Mawenzi Tarn Camp 4300 meters nice and early, probably around 13.00hrs, in time for a cooked lunch. The afternoon is a time for acclimatization in this beautiful setting. In clear weather, the views up to Kibo 4700 meters are exceptional. Dinner tonight will be served around 18.00hrs.

We’re back to our early breakfast schedule again, to ensure we are ready to depart Mawenzi by 08.00hrs. From our starting altitude at 4300 metres, we will ascend today to Kibo Camp, which sits at 4700 metres. On the way, we head westwards before crossing the ridge and continue towards along the edge of what is known as the Saddle. While there is little vegetation to admire, don’t be too surprised if you see an eland – quite astonishing, really, at this lofty altitude. Our objective is to arrive at Kibo Camp 4700 meters at around 15.00hrs, having stopped for our midday picnic lunch. This evening, as we prepare for tomorrow’s summit attempt, we will be served dinner at an early hour (around 17.30) which will allow you to retire to bed at a good time!

Our schedule for our ‘Summit Day’ is necessarily very different to our other days on the mountain. Rising at 23.00hrs, we take our tea and biscuits (23.30hrs) before a midnight departure. Today, we have around 1192 metres to climb, on what will be our toughest day, with around 10-13 hours of actual walking time and a total distance of 22km/14miles.

Our expectation is to reach the summit from 07.00hrs onwards. We begin on a rocky path, and then climb via a series of zig-zags which get ever tighter as we climb.

Our reference points on our ascent today are, first, William’s Point (5131 metres), Hans Meyer Cave (5258 metres) and then Gillman’s Point (5719 metres). The focus today is on walking pole pole – that is, slowly. On reaching the Uhuru Peak (5895 meters), we take time to celebrate the successful climb, take those essential photos and congratulate ourselves, before making the descent to return to Kibo hut (4703 meters) for about 11.00hrs. There we take a very well-deserved, two-hour rest and enjoy a welcome Brunch. Setting off again at 14.00hrs, we continue our descent until we reach the now-familiar Horombo Hut (3720 meters) for about 17.00hrs. Dinner today will be served at 19.00hrs

After breakfast at our now-familiar time of 07.00hrs, we take the chance to thank our hard-working guides and porters at the important ‘Tipping Celebration’. Afterwards, we depart from Horombo Huts (3720 meters) and start our descent down towards Marangu Gate (1970 meters), stopping at Mandara Hut (2700 meters) around midday for a cooked lunch.

Marangu Gate (1970 meters), is usually reached by 16.00hrs, and today’s section is approximately 20km/12miles which takes us between 5 to 7 hours of walking time. Having reached Marangu Gate (1970 meters), you will be presented with your certificate, a fitting souvenir recognising your tremendous achievement. We then return by vehicle to Arusha, for your overnight stay and some deserved relaxation. Or perhaps, if you still have some energy, you can celebrate your wonderful achievement. After all, you have just climbed Africa’s highest mountain!

Please note that the Tanzania Experience safari ends at Kilimanjaro International Airport at 17.30 hours. Your departure can only take place today if you have pre-booked a domestic flight which leaves from Kilimanjaro International Airport at 19.40 hours or after, or an international flight which leaves at 21.00 hours or after. Otherwise, you will need to book an extra night’s accommodation (not included in the tour price unless you need to) and take a flight the following day.

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