Mount Meru

Mount Meru is a dormant stratovolcano located 70 kilometres (43 mi) west of Mount Kilimanjaro in the country of Tanzania. At a height of 4,562.13 metres (14,968 ft), it is visible from Mount Kilimanjaro on a clear day, and is the fifth-highest mountain in Africa, dependent on definition.

Mount Meru is located just north of the city of Arusha, in the Arusha Region of Tanzania. It is the second-highest mountain in Tanzania, after Mount Kilimanjaro. The Momella route - which starts at Momella gate, on the eastern side of the mountain - is used to climb Mount Meru.

Much of its bulk was lost about 8,000 years ago due to an eastward volcanic blast, similar to the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in the U.S. state of Washington. Mount Meru most recently had a minor eruption in 1910. The several small cones and craters seen in the vicinity probably reflect numerous episodes of volcanic activity.

Mount Meru is the topographic centerpiece of Arusha National Park. Its fertile slopes rise above the surrounding savanna and support a forest that hosts diverse wildlife, including nearly 400 species of birds, and also monkeys and leopards.

Many Kilimanjaro climbers use Mount Meru as an acclimatization trek before trying for its bigger brother. Mount Meru is located in Arusha National Park, and the climbers are always accompanied by an armed ranger due to the wildlife population at the slopes of the mountain. It’s a unique four days trek which includes walking through grassland and forest before ending in a dramatic ridge walk up to the summit with stunning view.

Route Facts:

Recommended duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Length: 38 km
Altitude gain: 3066 m
Grade: Moderate/Hard
Start: Momela Gate
End trek: Momela Gate

Day by day description:

Day 1 – Arusha to Momela Gate to Miriakamba Hut

You will be picked up after breakfast at your accommodation, then transported to the gate for an early starts of your Mount Meru Adventure. Once we reach the park gate we will proceed with a 4 to 5 hours trek through the forest, passing the sacred Fig tree arch and excellent viewpoints that show the open plains and lakes of Arusha National Park. The altitude at Miriakamba hut is 2514m.

Day 2 – Miriakamba Hut to Saddle Hut After breakfast you hike towards Saddle hut, a 3 to 4 hours hike of about 4 km. The path winds up through the forest, passing Buffalo swamp and Elephant Ridge, and due to the short hike this day, you can choose to detour and go for climbing the Little Meru Summit at 3820 m. This will take you another hour, and give you a superb view of the summit and of Mount Kilimanjaro. Dinner and overnight at Saddle Hut 3.570 m above sea level.

Day 3 – Saddle Hut to The summit to Miriakamba Hut

Leaving Saddle hut at 2.00 AM for the 5 km climb to the summit should get you there in time to se the sunrise behind the great Kilimanjaro! You climb up and up along a narrow ridge, with sheer drops and the exposed nature of the path can even make the most experienced hiker a bit shaky. You climb steeply and reach the stunning views of the summit, Socialist Peak at 4.566 m above sea level. You decent the same rout, pass the Saddle Hut to Miriakamba Hut for your last night on the mountain.

Day 4 – Miriakamba Hut to Arusha

You leave the hut in the morning for a 2 to 3 hour hike back down to Momela Gate along the same route as when you came. Transport back to Arusha, or continuing for one of our wildlife safaris.

Mount Meru is the fifth highest mountain on the African continent and the second highest in Tanzania and dominates the Arusha National Park with its huge cliffs. The mountain is often used as warm-up hiking in preparation for the Kilimanjaro. However, the technical requirements are greater on Mount Meru than on the Kilimanjaro Routes. On the four-day trekking tour, you are more than likely to see giraffes, buffalos, antelopes and baboons; therefore, a park ranger will accompany you for your safety.

Mount Meru climbing
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