Safari Equipment’s

Safari Equipment's

To ensure quality service and safety, we select first rate equipment starting from safari vehicles to camping equipment. Our vehicles are serviced on time and check-ups are done after every trip to make sure the next trip is also safe. This is important as safari roads are bumpy throughout the year. However, given the nature of safari roads, sometimes breakdowns may happen or even punctures. In that case if a solution is possible, it will be fixed, otherwise our office staff is always in touch and a second vehicle will be sent immediately to proceed with the program.

Camping Equipment

On the camping safaris, you sleep in roomy 1,80m (5.10 ft.) high canvas tents that all come with comfortable mattresses. Sturdy camping furniture and sensible eating utensils are provided.

We attach great importance to the condition and quality of our camping equipment. After every tour, all safari gear is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, repaired and replaced wherever necessary. On our camping safaris, you are treated to roomy 1,80 m (5’10”) tall tents and comfortable sleeping mats. Robust camping furniture and utensils are also available for your use.

Trekking Equipment

On our trekking tours on Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, the equipment is subjected to extreme conditions: ice storms tear at the tents and continuous attack from UV light prematurely ages the canvas. We use not only the best brands such as VauDe and Tatonka, which are also modified and accessorized to meet our needs, the mountain gear is also periodically replaced and upgraded. The cooking and eating utensils are naturally also made to tough safari standards. The sleeping mats and camping furniture are made of sturdy materials but with light weight.